The James Joyce Irish Pub

        Lunch menu

18.5. – 22.5.


Czech Cabbage soup 39,- Kč

Thai green chicken curry with jasmine rice 145,-

Pork schnitzel served with mashed potatoes and tomato salad  145,-

Grilled goat cheese salad with sundried tomatoes 119,- Kč


Carrot soup with coconut milk    39,-

Beef goulash with bread dumpling and raw onion 145,-

Fruit curd dumplings with sour cream and butter  145,-

Pork tenderloin on light salad with croutons 119,-


Creamy tomato soup with basil 39,-

Grilled pork tenderloin served with roasted cellery and pumpkin puree 145,-

Veggie Quesadilla served with guacamole, sour cream and green salad 145,-

Potato gnocchi with sauerkraut and smoked meat  135,-


Cream of Celery soup with croutons 39,- Kč

Roasted chicken with herbs, sevred with poatoes and cucumber salad 145,-

Tagliatelle with salmon cooked on white wine and creamy sauce  145,-

Chicken Caesar salad with croutons 135,-


Classic Czech potato soup 39,-

Chilli and ginger beef stew with carrot&potato puree 145,-

Spicy Chicken Burger with hoisin mayo and coriander, served with fries 145,-

Grilled Halloumi cheese salad 119,-


Don´t forget to get your free small Gambrinus or coke!