The James Joyce Irish Pub

Lunch menu

21.9. – 25.9.




Czech goulash soup 39,-

Chicken roulade served with mash, roasted broccoli and gravy 145,-

Roast beef sandwich with roasted potatoes  145,-

Tuna salad with egg 119,-




Tomato and basil soup    39,-

Pancakes with fruit sauce and cinnamon curd 145,-

Spaghetti Bolognese topped with cheese  145,-

Goat cheese salad with pear chutney and raspberry jam 119,-




Creamy corn soup with coconut milk 39,-

Indian vegetarian madras with rice and coriander yogurt 145,-

Fried meat patties with parsley potatoes and tartar sauce 145,-

Tuna pasta salad 119,-




Creamy vegetable soup 39,-

Beef and dark beer stew with roasted honey carrots and rice 145,-

BBQ pulled pork quesadilas 145,-

Couscous salad with grilled veggies 119,-




Czech garlic soup  39,-

Chicken wok with veggies and chili served with rice 145,-

Veggie burger with coriander mayo, Coleslaw salad and chips 165,-

Smoked duck breast salad with cranberry jam 119,-


Don´t forget to get your free small Gambrinus or coke!